Top Value Fabrics Announces New Home Decor Collection

GSW – Mimaki

After months of research and testing, Top Value Fabrics (TVF) has chosen base fabrics that deliver pattern clarity, depth, and a handcrafted appeal that also feels good to the touch. This collection of fabrics offers high quality results in dye sublimation, UV printing and more. The products range from silky chiffon to vegan leather.

Brian Vieweg, TVF’s Home Textile Programme Manager, and Michael Sanders, Director of Printable Textiles and Finishing Technology, spearheaded the project, researching and testing fabrics to meet the appropriate standards. Vieweg shared, ‘This new line of specially designed polyester home decor products exceeds all the testing requirements for your design needs, with all certifications on file.’

Modern polyester has improved leaps and bounds and is now a higher-grade fibre. Technological advances have dramatically improved the feel, drape, and look of polyesters so it blends right in with more natural and expensive fabrics.

‘We engineered these fabrics specifically for home decor, to be digitally printed using dye sublimation,’ said Sanders. ‘The benefit of dye sublimation printing results in the finished product possessing a C6 Stain and Soil Release, which is critical for home decor.’

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