Textile Video Series: Printing On Dark Colours


In this video, T-shirt printing industry veteran Charlie Taublieb demonstrates how to screen print on a dark colour, using six colours.


• Take dark colour T-shirt, drape and slide onto carousel.
• Start out with base white (two print strokes).
• Flash dry for 10-12 seconds.
• Tip: stacking colours creates a dimensional effect.
• Tip: Software (e.g. Separation Studio) enables colour reduction needed. Each colour represents a different section of the carousel.
• Next screen: grey.
• Tip: with the strokes, let your body do the work, not your arms.
• Next screen: yellow.
• Next: orange.
• Next: ‘highlight’ white.
• Final screen: black, for detail.
• Take shirt off carousel.
• Cure in a drier for washability (set at 165 degrees Celsius).
• The mesh used was a 61 mesh for the white and 90cm for all the other colours.

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