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Wasatch Automation Option Allows Additional Capacity In Print Production

The Wasatch Automation Option is of principal interest to software developers and system integrators. It is a powerful way to streamline orders, eliminate production errors,...

Wasatch Announces Workflow Support For Fotoba Cutters

Wasatch SoftRIP can be extended to support workflows involving Fotoba cutters. The marks can be generated and printed in both automated and interactive workflows. Use...

Wasatch Upgrades Colour Management Software

The new Wasatch SoftRIP Version 8.0 allows users to match the colour of their previous jobs and introduces reliable legacy colour matching, improved convenience for...

Wasatch Introduces Fluorescent Swatches

Wasatch fluorescent swatches contain databases of Wasatch Special Colors that span the useful range of combinations of fluorescent pink and yellow, combined with limited...
Wasatch Announces SoftRIP Version 7.8.

Wasatch Announces SoftRIP Version 7.8 Printing Software

SoftRIP Version 7.8 introduces a new system for installing Imaging Configurations, which contain ICC colour profiles, calibration and printer settings. Because those are key...
Wasatch introduces SoftRIP Version 7.6.

Wasatch Introduces SoftRIP Version 7.6

Wasatch SoftRIP Version 7.6 introduces improvements to handling of spot colour replacement, a new tool to create swatch books from a SoftRIP colour database,...

MIPS Technologies Is New Distributor of Wasatch Software

MIPS Technologies has announced that it will distribute Wasatch's RIP and Print management software. Wasatch SoftRIP is sophisticated RIP software made easy

Wasatch Launches SoftRIP Version 7.2

Wasatch Computer Technology has launched SoftRIP Version 7.2. With new features and enhancements offering users more control and speed with textile printing, a
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