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Regma Achieves HP Top 100 Designjet Reseller Status In EMEA

Regma South Africa has achieved the accolade of being one of HP’s top 100 Designjet large format printer resellers in the Europe, Middle East...

Regma Adds Ruby Satin To Large Format Portfolio

Ruby Satin Canvas is a new inkjet satin canvas available in 23m. The satin finish, artist stretch canvas is designed for fade resistant fine...

Regma South Africa Achieves HP Technical Production And Graphics Specialist Status

Regma South Africa is an official HP Technical production and Graphics Specialist. As such, Regma can provide an enhanced offering to their customers, including...

Regma Announces Sublicolor Large Format Transfer Papers

Regma South Africa announced the wide portfolio of large format dye sublimation transfer papers, Sublicolor. Sihl’s new Sublicolor transfer papers allows

Regma Launches Sihl Lightweight 65g Transfer Paper

Regma launched a lightweight 65g transfer paper to add to their Sihl dye sublimation paper portfolio. Sihl sets new standards in digital sublimation and the

Regma Launches 85G Dye Sublimation Paper  

Regma launched 85gsm 1118mm/100m rolls for use on Epson and Mutoh medium-format dye-sublimation printers. This transfer paper exhibits perfect results with

Regma Introduces Large Format Core Adaptors

Regma South Africa introduced launched large format reusable core adaptors, made of durable plastic that fit on to inkjet media rolls wound on to 7.62cm to fit

Regma Receives Level Two B-BBEE Verification Certificate

Regma South Africa received a level two B-BBEE verification certificate. The company, which specialises in the supply of HP, KIP and EPSON large format digital

Regma Launches Sihl Sublicolour Transfer Paper

Regma launched the105G Sihl Sublicolour transfer paper, the paper sets new standards in digital sublimation. Suitable for the transfer to flexible and hard surf

Regma Introduces Large Format Luster Photo Paper

Regma introduced Vivid Photo Luster Paper 260g for large format printing applications, the paper is a quality, microporous, resin coated photo paper designed f
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