Sytech Supplies Launches OKI ColorPainter E-64s


The ColorPainter E-64s provides convenient printing for versatile applications such as photos, car/vehicle wrapping, labels and stickers, wall decoration, backlit frames, paint replicas, hard PVC, technical textiles and more and it was launched at the FESPA Africa and Sign Africa expos (7-9 September 2016, Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg).

The ColorPainter E-64s also features high density ink, the blackest black in the market, stable density from low to high speed, high density in full colours as well as pastel shades and a wide colour gamut. 

Also being showcased is the new Ezee Applicator A0. You can apply digital prints or some other self-adhesive media onto any rigid panel, as long as it falls within the specified geometric limits. This means painless application onto Correx, foams, Dibond, aluminium, etc.

Another launch was the Made In Liyu KR-UV Thor-jet KR series UV flatbed printer (roll to roll) that can print on glass and ceramic applications, advertising products, furniture, wood applications, glass tables, coffee tables, all cabinets, awards and trophies, model and packaging and more. 

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