swissQprint Announces New Innovations In Roll-To-Roll Printing And More

swissQprint Announces New Innovations In Roll To Roll Printing And More

SwissQprint recently launched three new innovations: the speed model of the Karibu UV roll-to-roll printer, the option of automatic double-sided printing with Karibu and neon inks for UV printing.

Speed version of the Karibu roll-to-roll printer

swissQprint Announces New Innovations In Roll To Roll Printing And More
Karibu S UV roll-to-roll printer.

Karibu S is the speed version of the Karibu UV roll-to-roll printer. S stands for speed – and that means increased productivity combined with astonishingly good print quality. Another plus: both Karibu and Karibu S are capable of automatic double-sided printing. It has been created for print service providers who run multiple shifts to produce large volumes of items such as banners, non-durable poster prints and XL billboards.

Karibu S combines an output of up to 330 square metres per hour with impressively sharp images and edges. It features a defined print head configuration: four print heads are in operation for each process colour – and that explains the high throughput rate. What is more, all swissQprint large format printers have nine dual-configurable colour channels, so one channel is left free. Typically, this channel is configured with white to print items such as transparent films.

SwissQprint’s portfolio includes an optimised ink for its dedicated roll-to-roll printers. It features a broad adhesion profile and is very flexible. This means that print service providers can use almost every conceivable type of roll media and the ink can stand up to everything that the material has to take: cutting, folding, stretching, and so on.

As a new feature, both Karibu and Karibu S can handle automatic double-sided printing. Thanks to a camera system and QR codes, the process takes place automatically – with high efficiency and reliability. It is supported by the Lory output software – developed in-house by swissQprint. Managing print jobs is made very simple thanks to intuitive graphic user guidance.

Both Karibu models feature the same robust design as all swissQprint products – ensuring lifespans well above the average. With their low operating costs, the versatile UV roll-to-roll printers offer the promise of high added value throughout their long lifetimes and the high standard of quality that is typical of swissQprint.

Neon for UV printing 



swissQprint Announces New Innovations In Roll To Roll Printing And More

SwissQprint now offers neon colours for UV printing. These inks are suitable for all swissQprint LED models and are available now. Neon colours give a special glow to advertising and signage. SwissQprint users can start printing these eye-catching media on rigid substrates in any format and also on roll materials. Neon yellow and neon pink are available.

Print service providers can add neon to their offering of special applications: the possibilities range from indoor applications such as campaign signage, POS displays, signposts, backlits and information signs to posters and wristbands for events – the list could go on. What is more: neon printing is fluorescent in black light, making it ideal for advertising and signage in trade fair settings and themed environments as well as club and party scenarios.

Every swissQprint large format printer with LED technology can now be equipped with one or more neon channels. Flatbed and roll-to-roll printers feature nine individually configurable colour channels. Users are free to modify or expand their configuration at any time, so neon can be retrofitted.

Automatic double-sided printing

swissQprint Announces New Innovations In Roll To Roll Printing And More

swissQprint roll-to-roll printers now make it possible to print automatically on both sides of media. This is an innovation that is sure to boost efficiency and is available for the Karibu model and the new Karibu S high-speed version.

For media printed on both sides such as blockout banners, ceiling hangers, stretch banners, posters and the like, swissQprint now offers an automatic double-sided printing function. It is available as an option with the Karibu UV roll-to-roll printer as well as the new Karibu S version for increased productivity.

Camera and QR codes ensure process reliability. Karibu controls the process with the help of an integrated camera system and QR codes printed next to the subject. This ensures that subjects printed on the reverse side are positioned in exactly the right position, so that both sides line up – even if the material is not inserted accurately before printing on the reverse side or if the roll is inserted in the opposite running direction. The system always recognises the correct positions for the subjects. Lory, the intuitive output software, guides operators through the process – so they have less work (and less thinking) to do and the risk of errors is minimal.

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