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SwissQprint AG is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. It was entered in the Swiss Commercial Register as a company five years ago. Based at Widnau in the Rhine Valley (canton of St. Gallen), the firm manufactures high-calibre inkjet printing machines. swissQprint AG can already look back on a remarkable track record. The company marked its anniversary with an open day for relatives of the company’s staff.

In September 2007, swissQprint was still an unknown quantity with just a handful of employees, who nevertheless laid the foundations for the company’s dynamic growth: in spring 2008, they presented the first fruit of their labours – the Oryx – during a fringe event at drupa, the global printing fair. The UV inkjet system soon established its presence because industry insiders were convinced by its precision and its sturdy, modular structural design. The same quality features and varied applications are shared by the successors to the Oryx: the Impala (launched on the market in 2010) and the Nyala (2012). Performance was enhanced with each new model, culminating in the Nyala ? a high-performance machine that met with an immediate response from numerous enthusiastic purchasers on the market.

The company now employs a workforce of 35 and has sold just about 230 machines. Its international network of qualified distributors is constantly expanding. A Japanese partner recently began working for swissQprint.

The firm’s premium systems are developed and produced at its Swiss home base. This is the only way for swissQprint to maintain the high standards of innovation and quality for which it has now become renowned. These precision printing machines are appreciated by the graphic sector as well as by industrial companies that use inkjet technology to print text and images on their products.

To celebrate its anniversary, the company opened up the production facility to its extended family, giving them an insight into the work undertaken by the dedicated team. Visitors and staff looked back with satisfaction on what has already been achieved, but the focus is on the future: swissQprint intends to make further advances with innovations in the digital printing sector, and to continue offering its clients solutions that are practical as well as cost-effective.

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