Sun Chemical Showcasing Glass Printing Solutions

Sun Chemical showcasing glass printing solutions.

Brand owners have been turning to glass packaging because of its stand-out appearance on the shelf and rigid barrier protection. Sun Chemical will introduce its SunVetro family of organic screen inks and demonstrate how to print bright, strong brand colours with SunMatch base colours to simulate Pantone shades.

With virtually limitless colour options available from simple mixing systems, the entire Pantone colour range can be made from a base ink range of 12 mono-pigmented colours, with the cured colour fully repeatable time after time.

Sun Chemical will present its wide range of organic screen inks, spray paints, pre and post-treatment solutions, and special effects specially formulated for glass during Deco ’19 in Indianapolis from 6-7 April.

‘During Deco ’19, we look forward to showing how Sun Chemical’s line of UV inks formulated for glass remove the limitations of directly decorating glass itself and offers brand owners a wide range of bright, vibrant effects and colours that pop off the shelf,’ said Anthony Renzi, vice president, product management of packaging inks, North American Inks.

Glass decorators will discover the SunVetro VTGL series of UV screen inks, a two-component system designed for printing onto glass, coated metals, and ceramics, as well as mirroring applications. These inks offer ideal adhesion to glass substrates, high gloss, excellent abrasion and chemical resistance, 100 percent solids with no heavy metals or volatile organic compounds, and additives to provide numerous special effects. Formulated to cure with both mercury vapour and LED UV sources, the SunVetro VTGL series has a colour matching system available with smart scale and ink dispensing systems.

Since glass containers commonly have anti-scuff coatings applied during manufacture, pre-treatment of the glass is critical to achieve optimum adhesion. Sun Chemical achieves this with its new SunVetro Glass Prep water-based treatment and complements the SunVetro VTGL series of inks.

Sun Chemical’s SunSpray water-based spray paint coating for glass (WBSPG) enables brand owners to decorate glass and ceramic directly. Within the glass printing industry, there has been a move from using non-organic to organic inks due to the growing focus on being environmentally friendly in addition to other health and safety factors. This was one of the motivators behind the SunSpray WBSPG range, which is a 100% water-based spray, and free of volatile organic compounds, Bisphenol-A and hazardous air pollutants.

The SunVetro and SunSpray family of products can be used for ceramics, glass containers such as beer/wine beverage bottles, drinkware, cosmetics, and medical vials. They can also be used on glass for cell phones, computer screens, gaming machine mirrors and furniture.

Sun Chemical will present the largest selection of special effect inks to help brands stand out, including metallic, thermochromic, fluorescent, tactile and etch effects. Thermochromic inks can be applied directly onto glass to indicate the ideal temperature of wines or beers or can be used as a promotional message that appears at a specific temperature.

Fluorescent and phosphorescent colours can shine brightly in black UV or glow-in-the-dark. Acid-etch or sandblasted effects can be printed onto bottles and cured in the same way coloured inks are, or alternatively, frosted bottles can have windows spot printed by using a gloss clear varnish in the desired area.

Creating this effect through the use of inks and coatings can significantly reduce the cost and environmental concerns associated with traditional acid etching and sandblasting. Other surface effects, such as tactile effects to enhance the luxurious feel and quality appeal or non-slip finishes for practicality, can also be created.


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