Summa nv Introduce L1810 Laser Cutter

Summa nv Introduce L1810 Laser Cutter

The new L1810, with its 1.8m wide flatbed, is the first laser cutter introduced by Summa since the acquisition of CadCam Technology (CCT). This machine is part of the Summa L Series and equipped with proven laser technology, yet features enhanced features. This laser cutting technology has been designed to benefit the sportswear, apparel, swimwear, dye sublimation garments and technical textile markets.

Wim Maes, executive director at Summa explained, ‘With us being focused on the textile market, this launch is an important step for Summa. A number of reasons convinced us that laser cutting is the best way to cut sportswear and apparel and we are ready to show the advantages, such as increased productivity, ease of use, cut accuracy and automated features, to the market. The development of this first Summa branded L1810 laser cutter is a powerful product to start with.’

The L1810 laser system is built to seamlessly meet the requirements for cutting textiles for sportswear.

• Processing sportswear involves sensitive and easily distorted textiles. The laser system uses contactless cutting, enabling users to process materials with high precision.
• Cutting quality that exceeds expectations, thanks to the perfectly sealed edges.
• Enhanced productivity with the 1.8m conveyor system for continuous production of roll materials.
• Any deformations are automatically recognised by the intelligent camera system and immediately compensated in the cutting vector.
• Ease of use and automation thanks to the advanced optional Vision system, which quickly scans the material and automatically creates vectors for cutting, without the need of a cutting file.
• Material optimisation reduces waste with the Vision technology because the laser system does not need markers. The cutting designs can be placed much closer to each other, ensuring maximum use of the material.
• Environment and safety is a priority. Fumes are removed by the internal extraction system and cutting by laser produces no dust fibres, ensuring a clean work environment. The L1810 cutting area is enclosed to meet the Class 1 standard, ensuring the laser cutting source is covered during operation and machine pauses if the cover is open.

The L1810 laser cutter is especially suitable to cut textiles, such as sportswear, dye sublimation garments and also all sorts of raw materials used in the composite industry. All of these substrates are part of the wide variety of materials, which can be cut on Summa’s advanced L1810 laser cutting system.

Moreover, by using the optional Vision system, the L1810 Vision is suitable for high-production environments and demanding fast processing of printed textiles in order to achieve more throughput in less time.


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