Summa Adds Powerful Addition To Laser Cutters

Summa Partnership Expands Laser Cutter Series

The combination of a Summa laser cutter and a Caron cradle feeder helps create an automatic cutting workflow that will make textile production incredibly efficient while retaining the highest level of quality.

The Summa L Series laser cutters are perfect for cutting textiles with speed and precision and are optimised for cutting stretchy fabric as found in sportswear and swimwear. By introducing the Caron cradle feeder, Summa is taking the production workflow to an even higher level through automation and ease of use.

The main job of the Caron cradle feeder is to facilitate and speed up the loading and changing of the media on the Summa L1810 laser cutter. The system is designed to make the process as effortless as possible for the operator. Having multiple people struggling to load media into the laser cutter is no longer an issue. In fact, loading even wide and heavier media becomes feasible for a sole operator.

Step 1: Loading The Media

The cradle lowers and tips down towards the operator, making loading and changing the media easier and less taxing. Users also don’t need a media core to attach the fabric to the machine, which is advantageous as core holders are known to break occasionally. Users can simply put the roll in the cradle without a core.

Step 2: Through The Feeder

When the media is fed through, the feeder ensures the media is evenly distributed without displacing it or creating wrinkles. The media is fed through on belts specifically designed to accommodate stretchy materials such as sportswear.

Step 3: From Feeder To Laser Cutter

Once the media is fed through, the fabric is tensionless and perfectly laid out to start the cutting process immediately. It even helps preventing media waste. The Caron cradle feeder ensures immediate cut-ready materials.

The Caron cradle feeder has several benefits such as easy and ergonomic loading and switching of the media, thanks to the feeder being able to tip down towards the operator. There’s no need for a media core holder, simply place the media without a core holder in the feeder. Tensionless feeding at higher levels reduces media waste as the pre-feed distance is decreased to 10cm. Special belts are installed to optimally handle elastic fabrics and the feeder can handle rolls with a weight of up to 100kg, which is far more than standard dereelers can. The roll diameter is 80cm, and it handles a media width of 180cm.

Theo Van Bruggen, Business Development Manager for Summa’s Laser cutting solutions added, ‘The Caron cradle feeder is a powerful addition to our laser cutters. The customer benefits are great and are not limited to efficiency but also include ease of use, precision and less material loss. Customers can, therefore, take their workflow to an even higher level and meet their clients’ high requirements.’

Adding to the unique advantages of the Caron cradle feeder, it has all the features typical of standard dereelers. It ensures an automatic feed of the media onto the cutter. The system detects the edges of the media and automatically aligns the fabric for a constant media feed. These features allow the L1810 to finish the job even more precisely.

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