Stone CNC Router FAQ


Stone CNC Router FAQ and Solutions
– Stone CNC Router Frequently Asked Questions and Corresponding Solutions

1. The machine tools do not return to zero, or did not go back to the original point after finish working:
(a). Check if the machine equipment is configured with limit switch, and the limit switch works well.
(b). If the NCStudio control is broken.
(c). The parameters of DSP handle are set correct or not.
(d). Inspect the design software files.
(e). After engraving processing, press “F7” in NCStudio system, or press “OK” button in DSP control system, to see if stone cnc router can return to the starting point.

2. Spindle cannot reach the specified rotating speed:
(a). Check the lines circuit of transducer and wiring board without problem.
(b). Readjust inter parameters of converter.
(c). If the NCStudio data-lines wiring boards are damaged, or need to reset DSP handle parameters if not right.

3. Square is not dimetric engraved, Circle is not round cutting, and with some sawtooth spikes:
(a). Regulate the depth of parallelism of stone carving machine, check slide blocks, motor belts, couplings are flexible or defect.
(b). Adjust the 3 concentricity and tightness of machine in all axises: bearing block, screw sleeve, and motor base.

4. Dislocating during carving cutting machining:
(a). Check up if stone CNC engraver all axises are oiling and lubricated.
(b). The speed is too fast, or with suitable parameter settings?
(c). Whether there is static electricity or external interference, and the ground wire has been connected.
(d). When motor base, screw sleeve and bearing bracket of X/Y/Z axis moves, whether or not concentric.
(e). Electric current of the driver is too weak; motor or driver do not work.

5. The machinery is not responding after starting up, equipment without power, DSP handle no respond and no display:
(a). Replace NCStudio card slot position inside computer case, and reinstall the software.
(b). Is there any touch needles phenomenon inside DSP handle data cables?
(c). Review the control cabinet power output current, if lines of the wiring board are correct, and air plugs are connected alright.
(d). Driver main electric switches protective tube rectifier break.

6. The head could not return zero, CNC router working size are reduced or out of range:
(a). If engraver head can not zero, it may because the ball screws are dislocated, needing adjustment.
(b). Position limit switches fail to work.
(c). It may also result from: the mechanical type does not probably conform to the actual machine model.

7. Tools misplaced:
(a). Not set up ground wires, static electricity happens, leading to CNC tools dislocation.
(b). The software printer parameters and stone cnc router print parameters not match.

8. Engraving router bits often break while carving hard materials:
(a). When engrave hard materials, according to different materail quality to set different engraving parameters, and use various suitable stone cutting tools.
(b). Select suitable lubricants.

9. Whenever reset router machine, it beeps, or always jack crush the limit switch:
(a). Let it not jack up the limit switch, and correct it.
(b). Driver lines are not connected well, try to fix the lines firmly.
(c). Limit switch lines are without good connection, only needs to operate wires well.
(d). The limit switch is broken, just change it.