SpinetiX Introduces Digital Signage Solution


SpinetiX has released their 4th generation of HMP – HMP400, designed in Switzerland and made in Germany.

Just like its predecessors, HMP400 is a robust and highly secure commercial-grade media player with a fanless solid-state design that is designed for continuous reliable performance in the most demanding conditions running 24/7 over a long period of time (10 years).

This new generation of HMP now supports 4K at 60 fps, Power over Ethernet (PoE), WiFi, and HTML5. With applications that can be activated progressively and on-demand, there is one theme that defines the solution: flexibility. SpinetiX ARYA comes integrated by default in the new HMP400 player, providing for cloud-based digital signage right from the start.

In addition, users have the option to progressively activate 3 modes of use:

• Widgets: full capability to deliver data-driven digital signage with 250+ widgets designed to connect end-customer data to any display.
• Kiosk: interactive dashboards and content for kiosk made possible with full HTML5 support.
• Systems: the power of integrated technology with third-party systems such as security cameras, sensors and more.

The solution offers an unmatched degree of flexibility and is designed to grow with the needs of any kind and size of business.

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