South African Modular Textile Display System Wins International Design Award

George Hugo and Alphons du Toit, Technimark Advanced Prototyping Services, with the European Product Design Award.
STIXO-Signage Supplies

The TRIGA® Go modular textile exhibition system, engineered and patented in South Africa, has won the ‘Event Supplies/Exhibition and Trade Show Display’ category of the 2020 European Product Design Awards.

The TRIGA® DISPLAYS range was developed by engineers and industrial designers of Technimark Advanced Prototyping Services. Ongoing product innovation gave rise to the creation of TRIGA® Go, a next generation tensioned textile display solution that transformed the visual display market.

A powerful cross-disciplinary platform, the European Product Design Awards feature 21 categories and was created to recognise the efforts of talented international product designers who aim to improve lives with practical, well-thought-out creations. This accolade recognises Technimark’s design team, George Hugo, Alphons du Toit and Dietmar Renner, for their exceptional design talents, imagination and strategic thinking.

TRIGA® Go is an affordable, ultra-lightweight textile display solution for small to medium exhibition stands, activations, retail applications, conferences or any modular display application. The patented tensioning devices ensure a wrinkle-free finish on textile graphics, while the tool-less, modular frame structure allows for a quick and easy setup and remarkable versatility from a basic set of components. The frame is durable and designed to be re-used for many years, making the product cost-effective and more environmentally friendly than many traditional display systems.

TRIGA® DISPLAYS boasts a distribution footprint across Africa, Europe, North America, Australia and the United Kingdom and is continuously expanding its international reach. The TRIGA® brand is built on a foundation of integrity, innovation, diversity and a passion for delivering world-class display and branding solutions.

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