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South African Graeme Gauld has won the Conqueror Typographic Games, which ran from 1 November 2011 – April 2012. The challenge of the competition was to create a typographical poster about sports using the phrase ‘It’s not what you win, but how you conquer it’ on one of Conqueror’s premium papers.

Gauld won a VIP Olympic weekend in London. All entries were judged in London, during May, by a panel of industry experts, led by legendary typographer Jean François Porchez. Winners were announced during a party at Colette, a design and fashion store in the centre of Paris.

‘The creative idea behind my poster ‘Changing of the Guards’ was to capture and display the spirit of sport. I wanted to represent the many different cultures and races that participate in sports today; each sports character took the shape of a letter wearing the iconic bearskin hat (to represent the uniqueness of London) while bringing together people and sports at the Olympic Games,’ said Gauld.

‘It was awesome to have been part of this prestigious competition representing South Africa and to come out on top is a dream come true! I am over the moon at the opportunity to experience my prize in a foreign country watching the grand Olympic Games! No one really expects to win and this definitely came as a surprise – a true blessing. Thank you to the Conqueror team for my amazing prize; the opportunity and experience were prize enough for me! I am extremely proud of my God given talent, I give God all the glory,’ said Gauld.

Conqueror papers are available from Antalis South Africa.

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