SloanLED Unveils Latest Lighting Solutions For Signage Companies

SloanLED Unveils New Products

SloanLED Prism24 is the combined result of optical physics and decades of sign industry knowledge. It is designed to provide the widest, most even spread of illumination, broadening spacing between rows, and properly dispersing the light to avoid hot spots in shallow applications.

This results in a blend of light from all modules, versus a direct projection onto the face from each individual module. Using dual-die technology, Prism24 offers more than double the illumination and 34% more efficiency.

The new 24S1 Power Supply unifies SloanLED’s latest power supply technology in a compact, energy-efficient design that delivers exceptional performance and reliability. Having the right power supply is essential to ensure the dependability and overall safety of any sign installation.

The outdoor lighting Litecorr-branded products include Optimus pole mount lights, Solarta floodlights, in addition to Detroit and Portland wall packs. In the past year, SloanLED has more than tripled the company’s product portfolio for outdoor and indoor lighting systems. All of these solutions were showcased at the ISA International Sign Expo 2019 in Las Vegas.

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