SloanLED Launches Prism Nano LED Lighting System

SloanLED announces launch of Prism Nano LED Lighting System.

SloanLED’s new Prism Nano LED lighting system illuminates block acrylic signs and small channel letters. It is designed for maximum versatility and incorporates an elliptical optic that improves light coverage using fewer modules.

The solution is ideal for lighting 25mm (1”) solid block acrylic signs, small face lit channel letters 25-75 mm (1-3”) in depth, and backlit halo letter applications.

It features elliptical optics, in a broad range of colour temperatures (3000 K, 4000 K, 5000 K, 6500 K, and 7200 K) for bright, uniform illumination. It also has a flexible design with individual modules, allowing sign makers to twist and turn it to quickly fit the contours of narrow or shallow letters for easy flat bends and sophisticated effects with minimal waste, and without the need for soldering or PCB cutting.

‘SloanLED Prism Nano is a welcome addition to the SloanLED Prism family and a new category leader. Once again, it confirms our commitment to delivering solutions to cover virtually any application,’ said Pete Todd, SloanLED VP, sales & marketing. ‘SloanLED is a trusted name in the sign industry, known for delivering innovative, reliable, and high-performance solutions that bring value to our customers via material and labour cost savings.’

SloanLED Prism Nano comes in bags of 150 modules (6m/19.7 ft) with a matching power capacity of 150 modules per SloanLED 12 VDC 60 Watt power supply. SloanLED Prism Nano is UL and cUL recognised and ROHS compliant.

SloanLED Sub Saharan Africa +27 (0) 79 173 3022 Hans van Rooyen

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