SloanLED Introduces New Lighting Solution


SloanLED FlexTAPE comes in 5m reels and is currently available in Red with 6500 K, 5000 K, and 3500 K versions releasing in April 2020. SloanLED FlexTAPE is a low-profile, LED lighting solution that delivers fast, easy installation in a variety of applications where space is limited.

Adding versatility to shallow channel letter and architectural accent applications, and available with electrical connectors for quick, solderless on-site assembly, SloanLED FlexTAPE features peel-n-stick backing, eliminating the need for screw attachments, and can be cut in 50mm segments for zero waste.

‘FlexTAPE exceeds expectations in tight spaces and curved surfaces, making it ideal for unique accent lighting applications such as bias lighting, under-stair lighting, railing lighting, under-cabinet lighting, pathway lighting, cove lighting and so much more,’ said Bruce Quaal, Chief Technology Officer at SloanLED. ‘The applications are only limited by your imagination.’

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