SloanLED Announces Global Launch Of 12V LED Channel Letter Lighting Solution

SloanLED Announces Global Launch Of 12V LED Channel Letter lighting Solution

The new Prism12 exceeds expectations in channel letter and sign box applications 75‑200mm (3‑8 inches) deep with a new patented asymmetrical gradient micro-prism (ASGM) lens design for the widest, most even spread of light and up to 25% wider stroke spacing.

Top-tier LEDs deliver incredible efficacy up to 135 lm/W and increased loading capacity up 20% over the previous generation. Prism12 also features double-sided perforated tape with SloanLED’S CRL one-piece release liner, which reduces installation time by up to 30%.

Prism12 includes an advanced Constant Current circuit design that eliminates light loss over longer runs, MacAdam Ellipse 3‑Step white binning for superior colour consistency, and SloanLED’s industry-leading 10‑year parts and labour assistance warranty.

Prism12 will see a staggered release with White (6500 K and 3000 K) and Orange available at launch; Red, Green and Blue arriving in September 2022; and remaining White colour temperatures (7100 K, 5000 K and 4000 K) coming in December 2022.

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