Signarama Group Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Guide Dog Sponsorship


Each year, the Signarama Group elects a suitable beneficiary for its CSI investment. The company’s most recent investment combined the sponsorship of the SA Guide Dogs Association’s annual golf day in Cape Town, plus the sponsorship of a guide dog from its centre in Johannesburg.

The Association provides guide dogs, service dogs, autism support dogs and orientation and mobility and through these offerings it aims to improve the lives of the differently abled, primarily through the aid of trained dogs. The Association estimates the cost of raising and training a Guide Dog to be in the region of R100,000. Funded exclusively by private donations, this is an initiative that really touched the Signarama Group for a host of reasons.

Signarama chose the Association as its initiative, as it would place it in a position to assist a family challenged by disability to lead a normal life through the assistance of a guide dog and at the same time, provide the Association with much needed funds for training, feeding and much more.

‘Who or what is Enji?’, you might ask. Enji is a very large and important part of the Corporate Social Investment made by the Signarama Group as it heads into 2020 celebrating its 20th Anniversary in Southern Africa. As part of these celebrations, Signarama franchisees elected to donate a portion of its annual CSI budget to the SA Guide Dogs Association.

Enji is a female Labrador, she is one of a litter of 10 puppies born to proud parents Storm and Keno (mom and dad respectively) at the Gladys Evans Training Centre. Signarama’s contribution will assist the SA Guide Dogs Association to raise and train Enji to one day make a difference in someone’s life.

Over the next 12 months, as her sponsor, Signarama will meet her, share in her journey and celebrate her accomplishments as a graduate of the Association’s training academy. To follow her story, join the company on Facebook and share in Enji’s journey over the coming months:

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