Sign Africa Video Series: How To Print Onto Wallpaper And Application Tips

Sign Africa video series : how to print onto wallpaper and application tips.
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In this video, Tali Digital’s Orlando de Abreu outlines how to print onto wallpaper, and provides a list of application tips.


• The prepress operators will take long images and split them into panels, before print production.
• The RIP station: assess all the necessary dimensions.
• Select the image, check the output size and send through to the printer.
• Make sure everything adheres to the job ticket.
• Once the wallpaper has been printed, cut it before packaging, dispatch and installation.

Application tips:

• A site assessment beforehand is critical.
• During a site visit consider anything that could interfere with the job: plug placements, fire hydrants, an alarm’s power box, light switches etc.
• Wall surface inspection is critical: cracks, imperfections and holes will reflect in the wallpaper, which is expensive to replace.
• A wall still settling in can also affect wallpaper application.
• A bad paint job can critically affect application.
• Surface preparation is very important.

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