Sign Africa Video Series: Best Practices For Applying Glue To Acrylic

GSW – Mimaki

In this video, Evonik Acrylics Africa’s Plexiglas technical manager David van Eyk
demonstrates the best practice for gluing acrylic together.


1. Select the right cutting device, preferably designed for acrylic. Consider the specs that the laser, cutting blade or tool has, as this affects the gluing process.

2. Scrape acrylic to remove any markings or streaks, using (e.g.) sandpaper.

3. Clean area to get rid of grease and dirt.

4. Remove cladding from acrylic.

Tips for glue application

• There are different glues according to what is being crafted, and the manner in which the glue is applied.
• There are different techniques to gluing, depending on what the user wants to achieve.
• The pressure applied from one piece of acrylic to the other – plus the selection of a thin enough glue – will ensure that the glue runs underneath the bonded pieces.
• Sometimes another application of glue on the other side of the pieces is necessary.
• Glue may dry in a matter of seconds, but up to 24 hours are required for the joints to harden. Don’t rush to pack and ship the finished product.


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