Sign Africa LIVE: How To Print On A Face Mask Using A Heat Press


In this video, JG Electronics’ Sindie Vermaak demonstrates how to print on a face mask using a heat press.


– White polyester.
– Heat press.
– Dye-sublimation paper (printed on sublimation printer with dye-sublimation ink).
– Cardboard.
– Silicone paper.
– Teflon sheet.


– Fold the mask in half and place on top of the base of the heat press.
– Place the cardboard inside the mask for protection.
– Pre-press the mask to get rid of moisture and wrinkles, then place the silicone paper on top of the mask to protect it.
– When ready, place the silicone paper on the elastic straps.
– Place the cut-out print facing down on the mask, and ensure the print is bigger than the mask so that it covers the whole area.
– Press for 90 seconds at 190 degrees Celsius, using medium to high pressure.
– Flip the mask around so the other half can be printed on. Repeat the process, but remember to clean the press and the ink off the silicone paper first.

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