Senfa Releases Echoside Digitally Printable Textile Substrates

GSW – Mimaki

Echoside 60 can be digitally printed with UV-curable and Latex inks, without affecting its noise reduction properties. By using it as a wall hanging, users can transform a wall into a communication medium or a customised design element.

This product optimally meets the technical and aesthetic requirements for public and private spaces. It is certified M1/B1/Bs1d0 and A+. Echoside 60 are multi-sensory interior textile substrates are designed to create a unique atmosphere for decorated spaces.

These substrates are capable of absorbing sound reverberation in a room due to its acoustic coating – this has a huge positive impact on people’s comfort and sensory experience. Reverberation from speech can positively transform the experience of being in busy spaces, such as offices, restaurants, meeting rooms and more.

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