Seiko Instruments Reveals ColorPainter H3-104s Printer


The new ColorPainter H3-104s offers 264.16cm (104-inch) wide-format printing in eight colours. The high-speed printing capability was developed specifically to address the growing demand for high productivity from the signage and indoor graphics markets.

The ColorPainter H3-104s is the widest inkjet printer among the ColorPainter product line. It includes the low-odour eco-solvent SX inks that have already earned a good reputation as part of the ColorPainter M-64s for providing rich, bold colours that last longer outdoors. It delivers unmatched productivity and quality while reducing the impact on the environment, thanks to the integration of advanced technology to maximise the performance of SX inks.

Key Features of the New ColorPainter H3-104s Printer:
– Low-odour and High-speed SX Inks: SX inks support both low-odour and high-speed printing. It boasts the highest print speed of sellable image quality in its class. It also offers an industry-leading, three-year outdoor durability without lamination. SX inks have gained recognition for high-density printing of backlit applications, providing consistent light blocking and fine details in shadow areas.
– Eight-Colour Ink Set: The eight-colour (Y, M, C, K, Lc, Lm, Grey, and Light Grey) model provides real monochrome printing with no colour shift, and offers smoother gradations in colour prints.
– Safe Scanning System Technology (SSS): A function new to the ColorPainter printer line, SSS is designed to minimise waste by providing a warning message when the sensor detects media wrinkles. It allows the operator to quickly pause the job, correct the media, and then resume the print job without print job cancellation. It helps the operator to reduce wasted time, ink and media.
– Automatic Printer Calibration: This new function uses an optical sensor to calibrate the printer automatically when new media is loaded. Just run the auto-print adjustment and start printing in maximum quality.
– Smart Pass Technology 4 Technology (SP4): This proprietary banding reduction function has evolved one step further. SP4’s new dot control algorithm controls ink flow and mixing to generate ideal dot size on each media, resulting in superior image quality. This makes the printer perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications and effectively eliminates banding at high speeds in each print mode, without compromising overall image quality.
– Smart Nozzle Mapping 2 Technology (SNM2): A new dot control algorithm has upgraded the performance of the Smart Nozzle Mapping function found in the H3-104s, hiding missing nozzles better when clogs occur.
– Dynamic Dot Printing Technology (DDP): DDP controls and optimises dot size and density to make consistently rich, bold and glossy colours and to accentuate fine details. DDP facilitates faster high-density print modes than that of competitors, resulting in high productivity of backlit prints with quality that is unmatched.
– Remote Communication Function: CP Manager Software, the bundled controller software that comes free with every ColorPainter, can now notify an operator by an email or Twitter message. CP Manager can be operated directly from a PC, tablet or mobile phone and now communicates in more ways to keep you informed about what the printer is doing. It also allows the operator to remotely control and initiate operations.
– Large-Capacity Ink Bags and Sub-Cartridges: Large capacity (1.5-litre) ink bags and sub-cartridges support continuous high-volume printing. Sub-cartridges allow you to replace ink on the fly without interrupting print jobs.
– Mesh and Double-sided Printing: Mesh printing (option) and double-sided printing can support a wide range of applications.

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