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Seiko Instruments announced the successful world premiere of its ‘Beauty’–the new ColorPainter M-64s–at FESPA 2013 in London. 

Eight printers already were sold during the first exhibition day. Seiko Instruments booked more than 60 orders in total.

The low odour mild-solvent, high-speed inkjet printer offers 162cm (64-inch) wide printing in six or seven colours, with speeds up to 66sqm/h. The high speed printing capability of the M-64s was developed specifically to address the growing demand for high productivity from the signage and indoor graphics markets. 

Specifically, SIIT has been focusing on the printing speed on PVC since it is the most popular material for signage and vehicle applications, and traditionally it is the most difficult to print on. The ColorPainter M-64s prints at the fastest sellable speed in its class on PVC, creating stunningly rich, bold colours that last longer outdoors. Besides raw speed, the ColorPainter M-64s offers over 100 improvements towards functional productivity. SIIT engineers carefully and thoroughly reviewed all workflow steps such as loading media, adjustments, printing, drying, winding media and unloading media and made improvements to improve efficiency and ease-of-use. 

The printer will be delivered with an ONYX RIP Center SIIT edition software and is available from mid-September 2013.

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