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Screenline has acquired the cutting-edge HP Scitex FB7600 press. The press rounds off Screenline’s complete solution of product offerings — the company is a full service print shop for customers, specialising in both screen and digital printing. 

The company invested in the press to improve production efficiency and reduce turnaround times. The FB7600 completes Screenline’s 6000sqm high-tech facility in Johannesburg, which features a range of technology that seamlessly integrates digital printing and screen printing, so the company can cater to both short-run and long-run print needs and offer clients greater versatility and output opportunities. 

‘The deciding factors that contributed to our decision to choose the HP Scitex FB7600 were the quality and versatility, the support back-up and reliability. The service levels of HP and Midcomp are also very reassuring,’ said Neil de Greef, MD, Screenline.

The modular platform was another important influencer in the company’s decision to select the device. The ability to upgrade in the future is an added benefit and gives Screenline the flexibility and confidence to know that it will remain in step as production expands. 

The 3.2m wide flatbed printer can print on a range of rigid and flexible substrates, such as corrugated board, paper, foam board, Dibond and plastics for both indoor and outdoor applications. It can print on sheets of up to 1650mm x 3200mm in size and up to 25mm thick. It can print at a top speed of 500sqm/hour, the equivalent of 95 full beds each hour. It also features a POS print mode that produces 55 full beds an hour at a quality suitable for indoor applications.

‘The press will meet a wide range of our application requirements and ensure we maintain the lead we currently have on our competitors,’ said de Greef. ‘We were very impressed by the press’s speed, which will significantly up the tempo in terms of production capacity and our ability to meet client deadlines. Also notable is the vibrancy achieved in the printed output, which is always something we strive to improve upon.’ 

Screenline also has a signage department, offering finishing and installation of printed products, so the company is truly a one-stop shop for its clients. ‘We have a range of digital equipment for every application. We are also the only company in South Africa that has a four and six colour in-line screen printing machine and a range of digital equipment under one roof,’ said de Greef. 

‘Our company has a rich history and we are known for being exceptionally reliable and consistent,’ concluded de Greef.


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