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SA International (SAi) will showcase its latest efficiency-enhancing software solutions at FESPA 2013, taking place from 25-29 June 2013. Showcased for the first time at a major international trade show will be the SAi Flexi Cloud and SAi PhotoPRINT Cloud, which include useful web-based tools that enhance the way sign and print providers do business.

The two new Cloud solutions, which bring state-of-the-art, web-based capability and added-value functionality to SAi’s best-known brands, will feature alongside the award-winning SAi PixelBlaster print-to-finish production software for large-format print businesses.

The feature-rich SAi FlexiFAMILY software offers a solution for any sign-making business, from design to output with integrated job management, while the SAi PhotoPRINT RIP software offers an affordable, easy-to-use print-and-cut solution for large-format print businesses. SAi Flexi Cloud and SAi PhotoPRINT Cloud add a new dimension to these popular software packages by making production management simple from local and remote locations using a Cloud Web Window that sits on a user’s desktop display.

Three significant tools of the Cloud Web Window that enable increased productivity comprise Job Reports, a tool that provides job summary and analysis; Cloud Storage for uploading and archiving design jobs for backup, sharing and retrieval; and FlexiQuoteTM, a pre-loaded database with standard pricing that can create customer quotes for new jobs within 30 seconds.

SAi Flexi Cloud and SAi PhotoPRINT Cloud also includes a free, companion mobile application, SAi Cloud mobile app, which provides businesses owners with remote access to valuable production information while on the road or away from the office. SAi is the first RIP manufacturer to offer such a mobile application, which is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.

Standardised printing to the large format sector

SAi also delivers standardised printing to the large-format sector with its award-winning SAi PixelBlaster. As a genuine end-to-end system, SAi PixelBlaster guides jobs through every stage of the production process – from file verification, job preparation, colour management, RIP to analogue or digital (CTS to screen), output check, and finally printing and automated finishing. It can also ensure that in multi-printing device environments, each printer automatically generates exactly the same output quality and colour regardless of brand of hardware, the type of inks or the substrates used.

This industry-leading 3D CAD/CAM Suite features an easy-to-use interface designed to undertake detailed 3D work with surface creation and texturing.

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