Roland DG South Africa Announces New Premium 4-Colour Resin Printer

Roland DG South Africa Announces New Premium 4-Colour Resin Printer

Until now, resin printing was associated with flat and uninspiring colour. The new TrueVIS AP-640 is redefining resin printing with high colour saturation on a wide range of materials from uncoated PVC to non-PVC media.

It features new TrueVIS resin ink and advanced machine features to optimise colour reproduction on vinyl, paper, film, and specially formulated fabrics, expanding your graphics to include flags, roll-up screens, textiles, wallpapers, and so much more.

Users can build and expand their sign and graphics business with a wide range of applications, low running-costs, and the quick drying benefits of Roland DG’s first resin printer.

Dual, staggered printheads with variable dot printing and True Rich Colour presets offer natural, vibrant print results with higher colour saturation. Water-based TrueVIS Resin Ink provides quick-drying, scratch-resistant, and safe results on a wide range of media. A newly designed drying unit allows prints to dry quickly and completely before proceeding to the next process, saving hours of production time.

The newly developed water-based resin ink and innovative True Rich Colour 3 preset works together to ensure vibrant colour and natural-looking print quality time and again.

‘Since the first model was released in 2016, the TrueVIS series has won worldwide acclaim from graphics production professionals for its ability to produce durable graphics with the extraordinary power to excite hearts and minds,’ said Tony Miller, President of Roland DG’s Global Sales and Marketing Division.

‘Meanwhile, consumer needs are changing dramatically against a backdrop of fast-paced technological innovation, changes in social structure, and the growing awareness of environmental issues. The roles required of sign and graphics professionals are also diversifying. As a result, printed graphics are increasingly required not only to transmit information, but to offer functionality and expressiveness that create positive impressions and experiences in a wider range of situations, from outdoor and indoor commercial venues to public facilities such as museums, hospitals, and schools, and even in private homes. In response to these trends, we felt it was important to increase the number of options available to our customers so they can choose the best solution for their particular application requirements.’

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