Roland DG Launches Metaza MPX-95 Photo Impact Printer


With the Metaza MPX-95 Photo Impact Printer, one can quickly customise hundreds of metal items with photos, logos and personalised text. It is perfect for kiosks, gift shops, retail stores and industrial applications. The printer is a low-cost, easy-to-operate device that anyone can use to personalise high-value items, making them even more unique and profitable.

The printer can personalise flat or curved surfaces of high-value materials like gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel and titanium made easy. It doesn’t leave metal dust nor a mess, imprints fast and efficiently and produces photo-realistic results. It uses a durable diamond-tipped stylus that strikes the material with high speed and precision to reproduce the most delicate gradations and finest fonts. The results are exceptional, with detailed graphics and fonts that stand out.

The MPX-95 operates as easily as a desktop printer. Simply import text or images, layout and edit graphics, and print. The following bundled software enables production right out of the box: Users can expand the MPX-95’s profit-making potential by simply unclipping two hook fasteners. In seconds, the base of the MPX-95 can be removed to enable it to imprint onto large and unique items such as golf clubs, metal vases, urns and more.

The MPX-95 further expands personalisation possibilities with an optional Gift Kit of accessories. A built-in laser pointer instantly defines the origin point on media before imprinting for accurate personalisation.

The MPX-95 photo impact printer runs quietly, cleanly and safely in any gift shop, retail store, kiosk or manufacturing environment. As a compact and portable device, it can be taken anywhere and used to produce souvenirs at weddings, craft fairs, pet shows and other special events.

Roland DG
Tel: +27 11 875 9300

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