Roland Announces More Creative DTG Printer Applications

Image: Roland Americas Facebook.

Until recently, Roland DG South Africa’s BT-12 desktop printer was only known as a direct-to-garment (DTG) solution, printing on cotton. However, it can do much more, with the ability to personalise objects like beer coolers and smooth items like mouse pads.

Aside from being renowned for its direct-to-garment capabilities, it can also print direct-to-bamboo and direct-to-cork board, allowing users to create custom pin boards, décor items, craft projects and art. Users can start making amazing things and bring a myriad of profitable projects into their homes or offices.

When combined with cotodesign, a recently announced optional design and print management software, the BT-12 can become a complete design, order and print management solution to open new business opportunities and increase foot traffic at retail locations.

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