Ricoh Introduces Pro TF6250 Wide Format Flatbed Printer

Ricoh Introduces Pro TF6250 Wide Format Flatbed Printer

The Pro TF6250 accommodates substrates up to 10.9cm (4.3 inches) thick and ink sets available specifically for improved high adhesion to difficult and uncoated media.

It has true flatbed architecture, with a moving carriage and gantry over a 251cm x 130.8cm (98.8” x 51.5”) bed. Print providers who require fast turnarounds can benefit from its production speeds up to 129.2sqm (1391 square feet/hr).

‘In wide format, the difference between an application that stands out and one that does not often comes down to the inks that deliver the highest quality with adherence to a wide variety of substrates,’ said John Fulena, Vice President, Commercial and Industrial Printing Business Group, Ricoh USA, Inc. ‘With the RICOH Pro TF6250, we developed a technology platform that can handle the wide range of applications our customers’ customers are seeking. Last year, we committed to making the right investments to help customers overcome challenges they face and expand their portfolios, and this printer is our latest example of just that.’

The TF6250 LED technology keeps power consumption down and cures at lower temperatures, allowing for use of thinner substrates without risk of melting or warping them. Additional ink sets, including one focused on high colour gamut for sign and graphic applications, are also available. The TF6250 leverages Ricoh’s popular, powerful print heads with drop-on-demand technology and a configuration that includes CMYK, clear and primer to deliver an expanded colour gamut and 635 x 1800dpi image quality.


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