Ricoh Announces New Printhead

Ricoh announces launch of MH5320/5340/5320 Type A.

Each printhead has enhanced bonding technology for improved durability. With these new features, the RICOH MH5320/5340/5320 Type A (1) has further enhanced its compatibility with UV, solvent and aqueous based inks. The aqueous ink compatibility and service life of the MH5320 is more than double that of the MH5421 that preceded it (2).

A minimised 5pl droplet size and improved jetting accuracy yields ideal print quality without graininess. Also, greyscale features a maximum frequency of 50kHz, allowing for increased productivity. The printhead will be commercially available from 1 April.

The new industrial inkjet printhead was launched as a higher spec model of the Ricoh MH5420/5440 and RICOH MH5421/5441. It was on display at the Shanghai Int’l Ad & Sign Expo in Shanghai, China, from 5-8 March alongside other industrial printing solutions.

In the industrial printing market for sign graphics and textiles, there is an increasing demand to meet a variety of customer needs such as smaller lot sizes and shorter delivery time. This has resulted in the rapid digitisation of industrial printing to deliver greater flexibility and productivity, and increasing demand for inkjet printheads, enabling high-resolution printing and higher productivity. By introducing this new printhead, Ricoh will meet these market demands.

(1) MH5320 Type A is ink port less version.
(2) Results obtained using ink and evaluation procedures defined by Ricoh.


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