Rexx Screen And Digital Supplies Announces Permitted Products And Consumables Offerings


Although Rexx Screen and Digital Supplies have reopened, the company has put into place a few safety precautions.

Clients can purchase the following:

1) Winter clothing* (hoodies, zip hoodies, sweatshirts and long sleeve T-shirts).
2) Kids clothing.*
3) Any other garments – may be sold if the customer gives a declaration that the garments are intended for Essential Services.
4) Any screen print consumables, heat transfer films, laser transfer films or digital consumables* – may only be sold if the customer gives Rexx a declaration that these products will be used on Essential Clothing (PPE) or permitted clothing (ie winter clothing or kids clothing). A sale will not be made to those without the required documentation.

* Any customer collecting must present a copy of their Lockdown Level 4 permit.

Collection procedures are as follows:

1) Wholesale customers are welcome to collect (required documentation must be presented).
2) Members of the public cannot collect, but Rexx can arrange for delivery or they may arrange for your own courier.
3) Orders to be placed via email, and then can only collected once proof of payment has been received.
4) Drive-through policy – no customer is allowed inside Rexx’s premises and all orders will be brought out to customers.

If anyone requires a demonstration of any of the company’s equipment, they can contact the technical department, who will be able to assist from a distance.

For the full description of the above procedures, read Rexx’s Level 4 Trading Policy & Procedures.

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