Rexx Demonstrating Garment Printing Products And More At Sign Africa Cape Town Expo


Rexx Screen & Digital Supplies will exhibit solutions for both the direct-to-garment and screen printing industries from equipment, inks and consumables to the quality blank Rexx-T garment range and more at the Sign Africa Cape Town Expo, taking place from 5-6 June at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

Highlights on the expo stand:

Vastex V-100 screen printing carousel

These tabletop screen printing presses are engineered for 1 to 4-colour garment printing, overflow printing, and printing in restricted spaces such as spare rooms and mobile shops. Quality results are achieved by retaining critical components from Vastex’s commercial and industrial models: no-warp steel pallets, screen off-contact and level adjustments, rotor detent for positive engagement of pallets, and three-point bearing locks that provide pinpoint registration of print-heads-to-pallets and allow all-heads-down printing.

Units with multiple stations and colours allow all-heads-down printing using screens up to 51cm (21”) wide, maximising productivity when printing registered spot colours and process colours, or multiple one-and two-colour jobs simultaneously. V-100 presses are characterised by lighter-duty construction, tabletop-only configuration, omission of quick registration micros, increased use of fasteners versus welds, and shipping of units disassembled in multiple cartons.

RexxPlas Plastisol screen printing inks

Rexxplas is the company’s own series of a world class range of Phthalate-free screen printing plastisol inks, with an extensive range of colours and solutions for all applications including many speciality products. Rexx can accommodate special requirements, and can develop products suited for unique applications.

Rexx-T Premium premium quality blank garments

The offering is unique in that Rexx manufactures all of its styles to its own carefully researched specifications, ensuring a perfect fit, fashionable styling, top quality fabrics and the optimum surface finish, allowing for quality branding options.

Stock includes basic T-shirts, V-neck T-shirts, ladies basic T-shirts and ladies fitted scoop neck T-shirts in an exciting range of basic and fashion colours. Rexx also offers a range of men’s and ladies’ vests, kids T-shirts, golf shirts, long sleeve T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, zip through hoodies and more.

SEF heat transfer films

SEF heat transfer films offer the softest flock films, the thinnest PU flex films in the market and feature a wearable soft flexible finish. With a wide range of products including print-and-cut and cut, Puff, Metalflex and Glow-in-the-dark, SEF films cover all garment decorating needs and none of the formulations contain a drop of solvent. SEF heat transfer films are all water-based and can be pressed onto almost every textile imaginable, from coated to standard textiles.

Shockline laser paper transfers and OKI laser printer

Shockline is an Italian producer of premium performance transfer papers and decals for laser printers and inkjet plotters. They are suited for custom printing and decorating of any object or substrate, such as cotton, metal, wood, Plexiglas, glass, plaster, ceramics, natural and artificial leather, nylon, polyester, textiles (dark and light) and much more.

Products like TOPDARKNEW and TOPCOLOR offer a self-weeding process that transfers only the printed image and does not transfer the whole page. This gives one a softer and more appealing finish. Shockline is the preferred partner for OKI printers. Transfer paper solutions for both CMYK and White Toner printers are available. Rexx is an authorised OKI reseller partner and offers in-house demonstrations and training on all products and turnkey solutions. The company will have an OKI laser printer on their stand at the show. OKI laser printers have partnered with Shockline, offering a laser paper as an extremely cost-effective start-up option to direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. The process is simple, effective, and offers ‘self-weeding’ options for both light and dark garments, which eliminate unsightly edges.

GCC cutting plotters

The plotters are ideal for both the entry level customer and for those who already own one, but desire to expand or upgrade older plotters. It is a must when using SEF heat transfer films, enabling users to cut their own work, which in turn is essential to offer quick turnaround times and enabling the user to control the quality.

Galaxy and Schulze heat presses

Rexx offers Schulze heat presses, from mug presses and cap presses, to the specialised DTG press, aimed at the DTG market, and Swing presses for the films and the laser paper markets. The Galaxy Auto-Slider with Ramlock System features auto-release: with a quality electro-magnet that the upper platen automatically releases at the end of the tie cycle. The dual gas springs lift the upper platen gently with a smooth release. With a self developed ‘RAMLOCK’ quick change system, the customer can change multiple lower platens with different sizes easily.

Also being highlighted is the Easiway Dip Tank cleaning and reclaiming system that is fast and safe.

Entrance is free. For more information, and to pre-register online, please visit:

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