Renault F1 Team Chooses New Roland TrueVIS To Produce Grand Prix Prints


The Renault F1 Team has relied on Roland TrueVIS for many years, using the high-quality systems at its Technical Centre in Enstone, Oxfordshire, to produce stickers for its racing cars, livery for its support vehicles, displays for its hospitality areas, and much more. Grand Prix events can attract worldwide audiences of more than 400 million viewers, and sponsorship is as competitive as the races themselves.

High-end sponsors demand the highest precision in their brand colours and immediate replacement of any damaged advertising graphics. As such, the Renault F1 Team always travels with 30 identical versions of every sticker, totalling around 1400 stickers for every race.


Roland has now upgraded the TrueVIS VG Series with over 40 enhancements, allowing the Renault F1 Team to push its boundaries for accuracy, reliability and turnaround speeds even further.

Joe McNamara, head of paint and graphics at Renault F1 Team, has praised the extended colour gamut, now with bold Orange for vibrant colours, natural skin tones and exceptional colour replication. ‘One of the first things we noticed was the improvement in the colour matching, because a lot of what we do covers an entire season,’ he commented. ‘It gives us a good opportunity to have consistent colour.’

He added, ‘It also comes with the new orange swatch, which has about a hundred colours in there – yellows and oranges. It really makes our life easy when it comes to matching colours exactly for our corporate sponsors, and also for our own branding on cars, on garages, and on everything we take to races with us.’

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