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The latest edition of Sign Africa Journal is online. The front cover story focuses on key signage, graphics and printing trends. Besides growth areas like textile printing, home décor and sublimated décor, printers need to reassess their relationships with customers and embrace personalisation to target modern customers such as Millennials.

Other features include:

The Next Step In The Big Data Revolution For Businesses

Dana Eitzen from Canon South Africa says change is driven by action. For businesses grappling with their data sets and what to do with them, the best approach would be to consider what they want to achieve first. The future of data analytics isn’t about what you’ve got, it’s about how you use it. Found out how to take the next step in the big data revolution.

How Signmakers Can Expand Their Service Offering

When the going is good and your sign shop or large format business is doing just fine, it’s all too tempting to stick to your mainstay service or application offering. Why change what’s not broken, right? Fair enough, but isn’t it sometimes healthy to mix things up a little and offer customers something a bit different? Bobby Fosson from SAi says this needn’t involve changing your core business offering, but simply adding services that are attractive to the client and enable you to charge a premium.

Which Vinyl Is Best?

Sytech Supplies looks at the benefits of, and differences between, adhesive vinyl — which comes in all kinds of colours and finishes, but it always has a paper backing and is sticky to the touch when that backing is peeled off — and Heat Transfer Vinyl. This will help you decide which vinyl is best for which application.

More Than Meets The UV-Curing Eye: You Have The UV Printer Specs, What’s Next?

María Renée Ayau discusses considerations when purchasing a UV-curing flatbed printer. If you are seriously thinking of purchasing this type of printer, it is expected that you will visit trade shows and demo centres too. Before you make your actual purchase, it is essential that you visit companies that have UV-curing inkjet printers at work.

How Often Should You Replace Your Digital Signage?

A digital signage network can be compared to a retail store. It looks and operates at its best when it first opens but with time, and as technologies and trends change, the retailer needs to update his/her offering by introducing new products, promotions and up-to-date infrastructure and technologies or the store will start looking dated. So how often should you replace your digital signage? Moving Tactics has the answer.

Designers Need To Create Sustainable Printing Projects

As a designer, have you ever thought of the sustainability of the projects you create? Laurel Brunner says that ultimately a media project’s design, including the printed components, determines a job’s environmental footprint. Learn how to minimise your environmental impact in: Designers Need To Create Sustainable Printing Projects.

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