Read The Latest Online And Interactive Sign Africa Journal

Read The Latest Online And Interactive Sign Africa Journal

The newest edition of Sign Africa Journal brings you updates on the latest industry news. The magazine features exclusive product specials and informative features.

Our front cover focuses on Stixo Signage Supplies, who do not only sell products, they sell top standard service as well. Making themselves available for their customers during the lockdown period was a top priority for them, no matter what requirements were needed to make it possible.

2021 Promotional Product And Sublimation Trends

The main benefit of promotional and sublimated products is personalisation and customisation. This is increasingly important in a world where people want to stand out and post their unique products all over social media.

Sample-It Product Showcase

Sign Africa has a great opportunity for readers to receive a physical sample, brochure or more information on new machines or products they are interested in.

Multi-Purpose Graphics Are Not Always Suitable For All Jobs

A multi-purpose graphics film could seem like a good deal, but you may end up spending more money and time than you bargained for.

What Printers Can Do To Make Their Businesses More Resilient And Profitable In 2021

The print industry is rapidly changing. Economic pressures, new working requirements and changes in print buyer demands are reshaping the space in which print providers operate.

Asking The Right Questions With Digital Signage

Digital signage is an evolving medium. It is an interesting mix of the traditional and the new age. While the concept of a sign is as old as civilisation itself, a linked digital communications platform is something entirely new.

Service Recovery Is Key

When things do go wrong, it is how you recover and delight the customer that truly sets you apart from other companies. Opportunities for service recovery are numerous.

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