Read About Signage And Printing Industry Trends In The Latest Sign Africa Journal Online

Read About Signage And Printing Industry Trends In The Latest Sign Africa Journal Online

The January/February Sign Africa Journal front cover features STIXO Signage Supplies, based in Crown Mines, Johannesburg, which are excited to launch their impressive range of Aluminium Composite Panels ‘ACM’ and ‘ACM-Lite’ to the Southern African market and beyond. Through consistent research and development, and tireless efforts to always stock and supply the very best to the signage and construction industries, the company have once again stood true to their commitment and have delivered.

Other features:

Vehicle wrapping vinyl technology trends

The latest vinyls feature high-end technology and excellent quality with eye-catching finishes and effects. New premium colours give designers more freedom to showcase their talent. The colours also create dazzling graphics — ideal for drivers who want to ensure they stand out and who are keen to share their unique looks on social media.

The digital wide format printing market continues to evolve

Covid-19 has changed a lot within the printing industry and many new applications, even a new category, social distancing signage, has evolved. Predicted to reach a volume of US$11.2 billion by 2025 (Markets and Markets), the wide format printing market is mature, but it has certainly not yet reached its heyday.

A people-centric mindset needs to be entrenched in an organisation’s values charter

With the constant industry chatter revolving around resource management and increased productivity, there needs to be an understanding that employees are people, first and foremost. It is about building honest personal connections with them, according to Canon South Africa Managing Director, David Preston.

Speed is a critical element of customer service

Speed is a critical element of customer service. Unfortunately, business owners and executives often overlook its importance as they plan their strategies to attract and retain customers and increase their sales. Too often they focus on catchy slogans and increased advertising instead of zeroing in on what really matters to their customers.

Print service providers are building their sustainability credentials

Almost every day another consulting group states that they can help printing companies become more environmentally accountable. Offerings range from some sort of sustainability scheme or service, to overpriced environmental consulting. There is a bandwagon cranking up and lots of people are in line waiting to board. It is all very entrepreneurial and innovative. And it is great that new businesses and services are springing up to support the graphics industry as it transitions to a more sustainable future.

Direct to film technology benefits

Direct to film technology is increasing in popularity for textile printing. According to DTG Pro, the process works by using printing transfers that are heat pressed to a variety of fabrics, quickly creating custom T-shirts and apparel.

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