Rapid 3D’s 3D Printing Bureau Service Division Launched As Independent Entity

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Starting 1 September, Akhani 3D, the 3D printing bureau service division of Rapid 3D, will be launched as an independent entity. Akhani 3D is one of the largest commercial additive manufacturing service bureaus in southern Africa. 

A newly established venture from Rapid 3D and Kemtek, Akhani 3D was created to meet the rising demand from within the manufacturing sector for a turnkey Additive manufacturing (AM) production service that translates ideas into objects as efficiently as possible.

Leveraging 15 years of experience in the industry, Akhani 3D’s expert team provides traditional manufacturers with access to industry-leading additive manufacturing production processes that deliver a clear competitive advantage. As a comprehensive, professional production and industrial 3D printing and finishing service for manufacturers, Akhani 3D combines experience, insight and cutting-edge AM hardware.

‘Rapid 3D launched when 3D printing was in its infancy, not just in South Africa, but globally. It’s an industry that has progressed at a staggering rate, and through the years we’ve filtered out the noise to pinpoint the processes that deliver real value,’ stated managing director, David Bullock.

Akhani is taken from the Zulu word meaning ‘to make’. Under the vision of ‘Make Possible’, the goal at Akhani 3D is to unlock value through product innovation. ‘Akhani 3D has been established for two reasons. The first is the growing demand among our clients for cutting-edge manufacturing technologies that speed up their research and development workflows. The second is recognising that the AM industry has reached a level of maturity where the costs, quality and time factors have converged to make scaling production feasible,’ said Pauline Bullock, Akhani 3D’s director of operations.

Recently added to the arsenal is the EOS M290, the industry benchmark in the industrial 3D printing of metal parts. Ideal for manufacturing highly complex DMLS components from aluminium and steel in a range of quality grades, the investment has unlocked new possibilities for Akhani 3D’s clients.

Hailing from far ranging industries and disciplines from mining to mountain bikes, Akhani 3D’s clients include Pyga, who build a world renowned range of bespoke trail bikes. Akhani 3D have played an instrumental role in honing the design of their premier Slakline enduro bike, reducing its weight while building frame strength and durability.

For Raptor Rescue, Akhani 3D built solar powered GPS units to track and monitor birds of prey, providing their team with the ability to quickly respond to poisoning sites to save critically endangered vulture species.

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