Rapid 3D Adds Two New Printers To 3D Lineup


Rapid 3D JV, a subsidiary of Kemtek Imaging Systems Holdings, has announced the new Mcor IRIS and Blueprinter 3D printers. The printers were showcased at an event held at Rapid 3D’s facility at City Deep on 11 March.


The IRIS is designed for Paper 3D printing. Standard office paper is affordable so you can print more models every day. Mcor’s patented ink penetrates through the paper, resulting in high colour fidelity and photorealistic models. Paper 3D printing is quiet, non-toxic and safe. Paper, water-based glue and ink can all be fully recycled, even the 3D printed models themselves can be recycled.

The IRIS is the only 3D colour printer with an International Color Consortium colour map and over one million colours for the most accurate colour. Mcor Technologies’ 3D ink ensures full colour on all surfaces.

Blueprinter M2

The Blueprinter is the ideal, easy to use 3D printer for engineers, designers and architects, as well as manufacturers and construction companies. With little or no training, anyone can use the Blueprinter via a web-based interface. The groundbreaking technology, inexpensive off-the-shelf parts, and 90% recyclable printing powder reduces the cost of 3D printing to a fraction of the price of similar printers. You can print multiple objects at the same time, producing solid, functional samples and models for professional use in a vast range of enterprises and industries.

Rapid 3D’s facility provides ongoing customer support and training. Rapid 3D also offers a bureau service, where 3D printing experts will take a project from design concept right through to prototype.

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