Printing SA Announces Further Industry Updates For October


Printing SA has announced the latest industry developments, including Occupational Health & Safety Measures (OHSA) measures in the workplace, learner grants, the public procurement draft bill and the implementation of lean principals in the printing industry.

OHSA measures in the workplace

On the 28 September 2020, The Minister of Labour and Employment issued a directive outlining the Consolidated Directions on Occupational Health & Safety Measures for certain workplaces. The directive was issued in terms of Regulation 4 (10) of the National Disaster Regulations.

This new directive has come in the wake of Government’s decision to move South Africa down to Lockdown Level 1 and will ensure the re-opening of even more sectors of the economy while putting in place regulations that keep employees and management safe.

Within the directive, the department has set out clear guidelines outlining the requirements for social distancing, the supply of masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and ventilation in the workplace, to name a few.

As part of its continued dedication to its members, Printing SA has compiled a summarised version of the Covid-19 directive focused on the OHSA measures to be taken in the workplace.

To accompany the summarised version of the directive, Printing SA also included a Covid-19 Risk Assessment Template. The template will help identify risks within your organisation and act accordingly to reduce or neutralise those risks.

Learner grant amount adjustment from department of higher education and training

In light of the detrimental effect that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on many employers’ ability to continue training, the Department of Higher Education and Training has taken steps to adjust the grant amount allocated to companies for new artisan apprentices. Click here to find out more.

Public Procurement Draft Bill: standing committee discussing the Bill in parliament

Printing SA would like to make its members aware of the new Public Procurement Draft Bill, which is being discussed by Parliament’s Standing Committee, and how it would impact the industry.

Fundamental Key Points:

The Bill seeks to replace the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (2000)/Preferential Procurement Regulations of 2017, related procurement law as well as the preferential point system. The draft bill proposes the creation of institutions necessary to ensure the integrity of the procurement system and to address potential violations.

What is proposed?

Several key issues with the Bill were raised as concerns and some members said there were gaps that require further interaction with it. Some of the issues raised by members include:

1. The entire procurement system – does the company deserve to be awarded the contract, and most importantly, was it value for money?

2. The transparency and the advancement of local production (localisation) should be key.

3. There is no mention in the Bill on how to deal with blacklisted companies from doing business with government.

4. The Bill proposes another tribunal and another structure, whereas the Public Finance Management Act (PMFA) is in place that deals with oversight.

5. The Bill appeared to be systems and process orientated. It left the human element out.

6. The Bill should deal with one of the largest mandates of government, which is to redress the imbalances of the past.

7. Parliament may ask government to provide a socio-economic impact analysis before the Bill is processed, as it may have unintended financial consequences.

The Chairperson concluded by highlighting the challenge of procurement and tendering, which was to make sure that the process is free, fair and transparent. He asked to send the Bill to the Committee for further research and input. The process will allow the Bill to be debated and amended if necessary.

What does this mean?

Printing SA is monitoring developments with this Bill that could have serious implications for the localisation of procurement. At this point, there is nothing to worry about. Click here to read more.

Implementation of lean principals in the printing industry

All industries across the world are looking for ways to improve their business’s efficiency and adopt Lean Principles. The Printing Industry in South Africa is no stranger to this as more businesses begin adopting global trends.

To help find out more about Lean Adoption and the effects it has on the printing industry, Tshimangadzo Mudau, a final-year Masters student in Philosophy of Engineering Management at the University of Johannesburg, is conducting a survey and would like to invite all members of Printing SA to participate. To take part in the survey, which closes on 20 Oct 2020 and should only take 10-15 minutes, please follow this link.

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