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First launched at the 2013 Sign Africa Exhibition in Johannesburg, the Printacom labelling solution is on show at the Sign Africa Regional Expo at the CTICC.

Printacom’s labelling solution is ideal for producing labels at volume. The Anytron Digital Label Press integrated with OKI Specialised Label Printers produces high resolution output at up to 9 metres per minute thanks to digital single-pass technology.

This labelling solution is ideal for business and all label printing needs. Wine labels, pricing labels irrespective of the label it will meet your specific labelling needs. Product manager Emile Pitout said the device is ideal for manufacturers, store branding and labelling of food, supplements or other products.

The Anytron Digital Label Press measures just over 1.6 metres long and 58cm wide. Capable of handling 10,16cm, 15,24cm or 20,32cm (4, 6 or 8-inch) label stock, it produces high-definition, full colour labels which are also waterproof and scratch resistant. A wide variety of self-adhesive label stock is available, to suit products contained in anything from wine bottles, to boxed goods, punnets or bags.

It is also possible to instantly change or update labels ‘on the fly’; integration with Microsoft Excel files means no special software is required for its operation. Accurate registration of +/- 0.5mm is guaranteed, supporting post-processing rotary cutting.

In addition to the printer, Pitout said that the Anytron range includes a digital laser die cutter: combined with the Digital Label Press, a complete labelling solution that can fit into even small factories is possible. ‘The Anytron is the world’s first desktop, roll-fed digital laser die contour cutter,’ he said. ‘Full-featured, the die cutter supports vector files, roll and sheet media and has an in-line laminating unit.’

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