PMC Group Announces Textile Sewing Machine And Large Format Laser Cutter

CRONOS automatic sewing machine.
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Paul Moeller & Company has announced the availability of its new Matic solutions: the CRONOS automatic sewing machine  in basic, plus and ultimate versions), as well as the HELIOS automatic laser cutting machine.

The CRONOS sewing machine is a high quality and flexible solution for sewing textiles to produce flags, displays, banners, tents and curtains. Auto feeding and cutting of a flat profile, along with a selection of guides, will output work quickly and reliably with minimal operator involvement. Easy to use and fast, the system allows users to achieve consistently high-quality flat seams, reduces production time and increases output.

The conveyor lock enables the production of curved seams for teardrop flags, etc. A big solution in a small package, CRONOS uses only 4sqm of work space, allowing it to fit in any size workroom.

Laser cutting machine

The HELIOS is a controlled laser cutting solution with laser projection for the most precise way of cutting large format printed textiles. The overhead laser projection allows users to remotely control the cut file from above for the most accurate cut. Its ergonomic design is comfortable and easy to use, with just one operator.

HELIOS automatic laser cutting machine.

The HELIOS laser cutter is the optimum solution to avoid manual cutting, shrinkage and frayed edges, allowing users to save time and reduce cutting costs. According to Matic, HELIOS’ 3200 x 8000mm cutting size is the largest flat cutting surface in the market.

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