The International Geneva Motor Show is one of the most important car exhibitions worldwide. ?At this year’s show, the EDAG Light Car – Sharing concept car, an e-mobility concept for the booming car-sharing industry, was presented for the first time. The concept car from EDAG features visually striking PLEXIGLAS® LED backlighting in the “pads” on its bumpers and sides.

The backlighting for the pads is the result of cooperation between EDAG, Illmenau Technical University and Evonik. Whether the vehicle is charged, reserved or ready to lease: the LEDs and PLEXIGLAS® LED built into the pads show the vehicle’s status and are visible at a great distance. Sporting the engraved PLEXIGLAS® logo, the pads will glow at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show — and spark the interest of visitors.

PLEXIGLAS® LED (formerly TruLED) WH14, the superior choice for bright, energy-efficient backlighting, is widely used in illuminated signage and exhibition stand construction.

In the concept car showcased at the Motor Show, PLEXIGLAS® LED displays its advantages as a sheet material. But the new PLEXIGLAS® LED light-scattering molding compounds in the specialty shades of 0V200 and 0V606 are also perfect for LED illumination and, therefore, ideally suited to serial production in the injection-molding process. PLEXIGLAS® LED always creates a uniformly illuminated surface without the hot spots of LEDs and without sacrificing light yield.

In this project, Evonik assisted Illmenau Technical University and EDAG in the material selection and lighting technology. EDAG, the world’s largest independent engineering partner, develops production-ready solutions for the mobility industry, which frequently find their way into the production vehicles of the major automakers.