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Perspex South Africa has joined SA Fashion Week (SAFW) as a product sponsor and will work closely with the SAFW set designers to craft an innovative ramp that incorporates light and colour, creating an exciting base for future shows.  

‘We’ve previously sponsored a white Perspex ramp, but as official sponsors we wanted to make a complete departure from this into something new,’ said Perspex commercial manager Bash Moodliar.

Perspex is a versatile cast acrylic product, 17 times stronger than glass and safe to use in the construction of ramps. There are a number of colour ranges, each producing different effects in terms of light transmission and translucency. For example, Perspex Frost/Silk from the ‘Innovations’ range has a matt finish and helps to diffuse light evenly to give off a soft glow.

‘We’ve recommended that the new SAFW ramp is constructed from 12mm glacier green, frosted Perspex. Once edge-lit with LED lighting it will create a stunning walkway for the models. The choice of colour range can dramatically influence and enhance lighting effects, and we look forward to collaborating with the set designers on creating the mood they’re looking for, in time for the next show in September,’ said Moodliar.

SAFW’s white Perspex ramp is to be replaced by a new Perspex SA product that will aid dramatic lighting and mood effects.

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