Peerless-AV Showcasing Outdoor Displays And More


The 24/7 Smart City Kiosk along with a custom design outdoor totem highlights Peerless-AV’s standard products as well as the possibilities offered by their bespoke design service. The same applies to the indoor kiosk selection, which sees a standard back-to-back model alongside another custom solution.

SEAMLESS LED highlights include a wave ticker tape, curved floor to ceiling video wall and an in-window video wall on a track system.

The new mobile trolley and rotational mount for the 165cm (65”) Samsung FLIP will be shown, along with a floor-to-ceiling version of the Extrusion modular series for the video conferencing market, and a versatile pillar mount ideal for attaching LFD or stretch displays to a range of circular column sizes.

Their outdoor TV will be shown at ISE 2020 for the first time, alongside the outdoor displays, outdoor and indoor kiosk solutions, video wall mounts, Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Displays and many new must-see product concepts.

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