Peerless-AV Showcasing LED Video Wall Solutions

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The 5×5 curved floor to ceiling LED video wall will use InfiLED DB Series’ deep black high definition LED displays on a Peerless-AV DvLED mount custom designed to a specific angle that positions each tile at 4-degrees, curving to a 16-degree angle at the top. 

The 3×5 in-window LED video wall will use Absen Acclaim A27 Series LED on a custom DvLED mount from Peerless-AV, which moves backwards and forwards on a floor track system. Ideal for retail in-window applications, the tracking system allows for easy front maintenance of the cabinets and convenient access to the window for cleaning.

Peerless-AV’s DvLED mounts not only support curved configurations (concave and convex) and moveable (trolleys, pivots, floor and ceiling track), but adapt to a wide range of potentials, including recessed, front and rear serviceable, floor standing, floor to wall, floor to ceiling and ceiling suspended and more. The mounts are precision engineered with display specific adaptors and mounting patterns.

An aluminium frame minimises wall load and predetermined adaptor rail locations speed up assembly, while tight tolerances and wall plate spacers ensure LED cabinets are positioned correctly. Adjustment on the X, Y, and Z axis aligns pixels and smooths any installation irregularities. Depth adjustment at the rear of the frame also makes fine-tuning easier and facilitates a slimmer aesthetic design.

The mounts are part of SEAMLESS by Peerless-AV, a one-of-a-kind design consultancy program for DvLED video wall integration. The company will showcase these Direct View LED (DvLED) video wall solutions at ISE 2020.

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