Panasonic South Africa and Exion Create Digital Signage Product Partnership


Exion Corporation have announced a strategic product partnership with Panasonic South Africa, specifically targeting retail outlets and casinos. Panasonic has a wide variety of digital signage solutions, and with Exion Corporation’s reputation for the import and distribution of signage materials in South Africa, the partnership is expected to create a strong demand within the market.

‘Panasonic was a very well known brand in South Africa in the past,’ said Panasonic SA MD Hiroshi Maeda. ‘After a long absence, we’re back and I must say that it won’t be easy to catch up to decades of being absent in the market. However, I am so excited that a company like Exion Corporation will help maximise the strong points of our products and add their cutting edge technology and know-how to our products.’

According to Exion Corporation director Bruce Badenhorst, the company has also partnered with Korean software company MOG Communications in the development of face recognition software and the Internet of Things, which will help target people in advertising.

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Contact Person: Jay Kim

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