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The OVO art installation, which was set up with the support of OSRAM, will be illuminated during the international light exhibition, Light+Building, from 15 to 20 April at the Hauptwache in Frankfurt on Main. The very latest developments in LED technology and a dynamic lighting system in an array of different colours will also be showcased. 

The realisation of OVO was initiated by OSRAM and its subsidiary Traxon Technologies. The work of art was created by the designer group ACT Lighting Design and the sculpting artists Odeaubois. The lighting installation is an analogy for the deeper connection between aesthetics and sustainability. The spectacular lighting effects are created by a continuous output of merely 700 watts. In comparison, a simple electric kettle uses up almost three times as much electricity.

On the way into the digital future of the lighting industry
The lighting market is going through a period of technological change, with semiconductor-based technologies such as LEDs and OLEDs presenting customers with new possibilities in terms of efficiency, quality of light and flexibility. As a premium supplier, OSRAM is playing a leading role here.

LED-based products now account for around 25% of OSRAM’s total sales. The company covers the entire LED value added chain, from components to light management solutions. And with around 8000 LED patents, OSRAM has a considerable influence on the further development of LED technologies.

As a ‘pure light player’, the company is a strong global brand, and as a leading innovator in all application and technology sectors it is shaping the digital future of the lighting industry.

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