In a world first, Outraged SA Citizens Against Poaching (OSCAP) has unveiled its rhino ambulance that the organisation had purpose built for The Rhino Orphanage. This was made possible with the support of Intamarket, Avery Dennison, World Signs, Sign Africa and CMA as well as other sponsors.

This ambulance is for orphaned baby rhino and is equipped with it’s own generator, red and white interior lighting, two way radios (so the person attending to the rhino in the trailer can communicate with the driver) air conditioning, hooks for drips, an internal area for the caregiver as well as a safety partition for protection for the care-giver if need be.

Another transportation trailer has also been purpose built for baby rhino that don’t need immediate medical care. It can be towed behind a vehicle or loaded as a crate onto the back of a bakkie/pick-up if necessary. 

Intamarket and Avery Dennison supplied material for the vehicles while World Signs wrapped the ambulance and transportation trailer with the branding.

OSCAP aims to protect endangered species in Southern Africa and end illegal wildlife trade of endangered and threatened species. It works with all stakeholders including Government, enforcement agencies, communities, NGO’s and private individuals to protect wild animals from poaching and exploitation and help ensure the long term survival of wildlife in Africa. 

‘We thank all our sponsors for their support in helping us protect wild animals from poaching and exploitation and helping us to ensure the long term survival of wildlife in Africa,’ said Thomson.

OSCAP http://www.oscap.co.za

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